The Hungarian Musicological Society (Magyar Zenetudományi és Zenekritikai Társaság), was founded in 1993 with the aim of functioning as a representative organ for musicology and music criticism.
It organizes various events, concerts, exhibitions and publishes occasional books as well as editing the Hungarian language musicological quarterly Magyar Zene [Hungarian Music].






Digital Resources for Musicology


This website provides links to substantial open-access projects of use to musicians and musicologists. With a burgeoning number of digital resources available, remembering titles of sites and pathways to them can be difficult. Digital Resources in Musicology (DRM) is organized topically and provides a rapid search tool for specialties within heterogeneous collections.




Online Archive of Magyar Zene Available

The Archive of online content of  the Hungarian language Magyar Zene  music quarterly with abstracts in English are now available on our website, under  Magyar Zene [Hungarian Music].